First Boron Operations in Turkey

Although the Turkish Boron reserves are known from 13th century, the first mining operation was established in 1861. Two French companies, through a Levant, (Aristide Tubini) apply to Ottoman State to start operations in Aziziye and Sultançayır. After having 50 years privilage and exclusivity, they start mining operations and transfer the material to a big rafinery established near Paris.


Etibank established

With the directives of Great Leader of Turks, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Etibank was established in 1935 in order to operate, finance and produce Turkish Natural resources.


Nationalization of Boron Reserves

Private, small-scale and uncontrolled Boron reserves nationalized and transferred to Etibank in 1979.


Etimine S.A. was established

Etimine S.A. was established in Luxembourg in 1984 with the participation of S.A. Minerais, Brenntag, Karl Gross and Ultracrest.


Etibank acquired 50% of the shares

Etibank acquired 50% of the sahres of Etimine S.A. and started a presence in Europe for the sales and marketing operations.


Further purchase of shares

Etibank purchased a further stack of 25% of the company shares and took control of the majority of Etimine S.A. in 1989.


Two Subsidiaries were established in Germany and Italy

Etimine S.A. established two subsidiaries, Etimine GmBh in Darmstatd, Germany, Etimine SRL in Italy in 1988.


Etibank restructured

Etibank banking section was privatized and the company was restructured on 1/5/1998 as Eti Holding Inc.


Etimine USA, Inc. was established

Etimine USA, Inc., the third subsidiary was established in September, 2000 in Pittsburgh, USA


Eti Holding Restructured to Eti Maden

Eti Holding became Eti Maden General Directorate on 31/1/2004. Eti Maden is designated by parliamentary decree to make the best use of Turkey’s natural resources and to provide the highest benefit to the Turkish economy. True to its original mission, the company has successfuly mined boron ore that is one of Turkey’s most important mineral resources and has transformed it into high added value boron products to become the leader in the global boron market.


Shanghai Etimine established

Shanghai Etimine is established in China in 2010 in order to operate in China.


Etimaden APAC established

Etimaden APAC is established in Hong Kong in 2017 in order to operate in Asia-Pasific.