boron  in   use 
Boron is an essential element for plants’ development, growth, crop yielding and seed development by helping the transfer of water and nutrition in plants. Read More
Frit and glaze formulations can contain concentrations as high as 25% borates and the entire market accounts for more than 13% of the global borate demand.Read More
Since boric acid and sodium borates are water soluble compounds which are absorbed by the wood surface and then penetrate by diffusion, they can be both used as wood preservatives.Read More
Due to its high hardness, B4C powder is used as an abrasive in polishing and lapping applications, and also as a loose abrasive in cutting applications such as water jet cutting.Read More
The role of boron compounds in the production of adhesives is to control the viscosity.Read More
Borates are widely used in cleaning industry for various purposes like germicide and bleaching.Read More
Glass in its various forms represents the largest single outlet for boron products.Read More
Boron is also used in the production of pure, strong metals to remove the oxygen and nitrogen dissolved in the metal or chemically bound to it.Read More
The principal use of borates in this field is probably in anti-freeze formulations.Read More
Preparation of fire retardant emulsion paints. Fire resistance in paper. Emulsifying agent in polishes. The preservation of rubber latex. Boron is used to control pH in a range of processing solutions.Read More